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Our campaign is focused on the idea that we as humans are not much different from each other. Although we might come from different backgrounds, cultures, teachings and all sort of other things, deep down we are all the same – Human beings. Most of us have dreams and hopes for our future, simply said #LikeUs. Although we might think that we are different, it is hard not to see the similarities that make us after all humans; we dream, we feel love, we fear and we create.

However, that is not the only thing that connects us, let us think of our background and languages. We should not forget that we as Bulgarians did not form from the clay of our lands and that we use many words that connects us with other ethnicities.

We have ancestors that have travelled long, through dangerous lands in order to reach the current place of settlement. We as human beings are simply connected, after all the oldest dating evidence of human being originates from Africa, where it is believed for the first humans to have lived.

The main point if simple, we are humans. The divisions that exist are “man-made”. We keep justifying our hatred through “false arguments” and illusion separations. Nevertheless, in the end of the day there is one thing that cannot be denied and is worth fighting for; #LikeUs they also have souls, dreams, personalities, fears and hopes….

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